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Linux Basics(2 of 6)

Linux Basics(2 of 6):


General Device Names Linux Names
COM 1 /dev/tyS0
COM 2 /dev/tyS1
COM 3 /dev/tyS2
COM 4 /dev/tyS3
Paralel Port 1 / Lpt port 1 /dev/lp0
First NIC (Network Interface Card) / LAN Card /dev/eth0
Second NIC (Network Interface Card) / LAN Card /dev/eth1

Hard Drive Name Linux Names
IDE Type Primary Master hda
IDE Type Primary Slave hdb
IDE Type Secondary Master hdc
IDE Type Secondary Slave hdd

SCSI Type First SCSI Drive sda
SCSI Type Second SCSI Drive sdb
SCSI Type Third SCSI Drive sdc

SATA Type First SATA Drive sda
SATA Type Second SATA Drive sdb
SATA Type Third SATA Drive sdc

USB Flash Drive First USB sda

Note: If a hard drive has a SATA and / or a SCSI drive and you plug in a USB device in it then
system wil assign leters to them in the sequence as system find them during boot
processes. Suppose during boot process Linux system detects SCSI first then SATA and then
USB then SCSI drive wil be given “sda” name SATA wil be given “sdb” and USB Flash drive
wil be assigned “sdc” name.

There are two types of partitions

1. Main Partition

Types of Main Partition
a. Primary Partitions
b. Extended Partitions

2. Logical Partitions
Logical partitions are created inside the Extended partition.

Note: First 4 (1-4) leters are reserved for Main Partitions and from 5 to onward al leters are
reserved for Logical partitions.

Disk Partitions Linux Names
IDE Type Primary Master First Main (Pri / Ext) Partition hda1
IDE Type Primary Master Second Main (Pri / Ext) Partition hda2
IDE Type Primary Master Third Main (Pri / Ext) Partition hda3
IDE Type Primary Master Fourth Main (Pri / Ext) Partition hda4
IDE Type Primary Master First Logical Partition hda5
IDE Type Primary Master Second Logical Partition hda6

Different Combinations Partitions Linux Names
IDE Type Secondary Third logical Partition hdc7

IDE Type Primary Slave Second Main (Pri / Ext) Partition hdb2

IDE Type Secondary Slave Second logical Partition hdb6

SCSI Type Second Hard Fourth logical Partition sdb8

USB Flash Drive - sda1

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